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Girlfriend is Losing Interest



One company function.  Not attending one company function with your girlfriend has now caused a rift in your relationship.  You have apologized, you have attempted to make amends, you thought things were back to normal but something has changed.  Things are not the same and you don’t know how to fix what doesn’t obviously seem broken.

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Help! I am Self-Sabotaging My Love Life!

In the words of Adele – “They say times supposed to heal ya, but ain’t done much healing.”  Five years.  Five years have passed and it still stings.  The wound is still fresh and won’t repair itself.  Every time you close you eyes it feels as if it happening all over again.  Each step forward is met with two steps back.  So how do you move on?

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The Spark Is Dying

At the beginning, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.  Every moment was bliss, every conversation was greeted by a sunrise, you had so much in common, so much to share.  Suddenly, you feel a gap growing between you, your energy is still high but you notice hers starting to wean.  Is she losing interest?

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