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Baby Sister Having a Baby. She’s only 18

Q: My baby sister is ruining her life.  Our mother passed years ago and I have been playing the part of the caretaker.  She got married when she was 17 and had is now going to have a baby at 18!

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Behind the Scenes of BB&R

So check out what happened when I interviewed Nassim… totally could have judged myself big time, yet chose to just be real, forgive myself and tell the truth.

When you mess up, where do you go? Do you abuse yourself? Blame others? Hide? Feel like crap? Do you laugh? Take ownership? Apologize? Get back on the horse?

Whenever you grow, risk and expand, you’re bound to fall down and have to get back up. What would it take for you to be kind to yourself as you wobble and fly?

Huge love,  Allana xooxox