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Kissed One Woman, Dating Another. Should I Confess?

Q:  Allana, if you were me – would you own up to doing something stupid of you know it would jeopardize your relationship OR would you keep it to yourself since you know they would never find out? Halloween this year, I thought my girl was cheating on me so I made out with some woman at a party. I was in a costume, she was in a costume. It was dark so I don’t think there is any way that it could get back to my girl that it was me.

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Cat is Away, Mouse with Play

Q:  Allana, when the cat is away the mouse likes to play. When my husband is away, I hook up with my ex-boyfriend. I know it is wrong but I just can’t stop doing it. I have tried to cut him off but the sex with my husband is mediocre and the sex with my ex is mind-blowing. I have heard of the 80/20 solution and I feel this is it. Together I have 100% of what I want but if I get with one or the other I am miserable. What should I do?

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Neighbor Having an Affair? Blow the Whistle?

Q: Allana, my neighbor is having an affair and I am at a loss for words.  In the beginning, I just thought it was a friend coming over while her husband was gone during the day.  Yesterday, I just so happened to be upstairs in my bedroom and I looked out the window to see her in her kitchen and I saw more than I needed to see as they were going at it on the kitchen island.  Do I tell him? Do I just stay out of it?

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Wife Won’t Come Home!

Q: My wife refuses to come home!  She had to leave for business and I started receiving these random text messages that I would be better off without her and she knows I have found someone else who I think would make an even better wife.  I swear to you I only have eyes for my wife and have never EVER thought about being with anyone else.  Why is she doing this Allana? How can I get her to come home?

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My Wife Cheated On Me And Says It’s My Fault!

Your wife, your lover, your better half.  The person you have pledged to spend the rest of your life with – for better or for worse.  What happens when worse comes sooner than expected?  Not only did your wife cheat on you; but, she blames you for being the reason she cheated!

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How long should one try before calling it quits in a marriage?

Coach Allana Pratt loves receiving your questions: I’m in a narcissistic/codependent trait marriage of 14 years and 3 kids with infidelities on both sides, and overall an unhappy unconscious marriage. I am doing my inner work and am on the path to a healthy me. The other side is not interested in collaborating, sees me as a needy pushover and though I’m committed (it’s been over a yr since dday), at times I feel like am fighting a lost battle. How do I decide if to stay married or divorce, and for how long should one try (what is the sure sign I’ve done all I could, it’s time to call it quits)?


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