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Why We Fall Out of Love


I believe people fall OUT of love because their needs aren’t getting met. Either they feel controlled and unable to experience freedom or power… if it’s a personal relationship it could be because they don’t experience being loved or belonging… or it’s become all work and no play, no passion, no fun.

To make relationships work, both parties allow the other to do as they see fit… and that natural expression works for the other. One likes taking out the garbage and that works for both. The other likes making dinner and that works for both. As soon as you control the other, you can’t go play poker with the boys, or EVEN roll your eyes or disconnect love ever so slightly… it’s a downhill slope… so the idea is to find someone who’s natural ways complement yours so that both people feel freedom, power, fun, belonging and ultimately love.

WAY easier said than done, yet as soon as you stop controlling another and get curious, unattached and willing to truly GET another’s needs and allow freedom, either a solution appears or you bless and release the partnership with grace.

Blessings, Allana

In Love With My Best Friend

She confides in you, she trusts you, you have been her best friend as long as you can remember.  What do you do when you begin to fall for her but she can’t see you as anything but a friend?

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I’m in Love With My Best Friend

Question:  I am in love with my best friend and I have been for years.  She has put me in the friend zone prison and I don’t ever see myself escaping.  How can I get her to see me as more than a friend?  She is consistently complaining to me that she can’t find the right guy and I just want to scream “I’m right here!”

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