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Wants to Commit…Just Not to Me!

Q: I wasn’t aware the guy I was dating was seeing myself and other people until he told me one of the girls wanted to be exclusive so he was going to see where that went. I feel kind of rejected. Is that normal? Should he have told me he was seeing other people? Should I have not assumed we were exclusive?

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Not Daddy’s Girl on Father’s Day

Q: I have been a long time reader of your newsletter.  In most cases, women who coach men or help men are very close to their fathers; but, I don’t feel this is the case with you. Can you tell us more about your relationship with your dad?

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Wife Cheating with Co-Worker

Q: Almost a month ago, my wife told me she had an affair with a co-worker. I think my marriage is over.  I am trying to stay but my heart has already walked out the door. What do I do?

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