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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Suzanne Oshima

I’ve been feeling so SASSY in this New Year! I Just has a fantastic interview with matchmaker, Suzanne Oshima about dating! We actually had WAY too much fun. I had her blushing 10 shades of red as I asked her intimate details about her own personal dating life! But, she was awesome and answered all of my questions.

We also got into how dating shouldn’t be a ‘business’, but a pleasure. It’s a joy to be out there in the world, flirting, and giving the gift of yourself. What’s hard, is self-doubt and judgement! So, get out there: be open, flirt with the Universe and give the gift of YOU!

If you missed this juicy interview, you can watch the replay at Intimate Conversations Live!

Also, make sure you check out Suzanne’s fabulous bio below!

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Intimate Conversations with Suzanne Oshima

There’s something about a sunset in warm LA that I just LOVE this time of year! Ahh! This week on Intimate Conversations LIVE! I have the exquisite pleasure of interviewing the amazing and totally adorable matchmaker, Suzanne Oshima! I am SO excited because I have not had the chance to interview many matchmakers, and I am really interested in the intriguing power of matchmaking! I have so many questions to ask her, I can’t wait!

Brown Sugar Scrubbing Away the Blues

So I was on my way to Texas a few months back for an Intensive with a client. The plane was pretty full and I was seated in the middle of two ladies yet fell asleep quickly. I awoke to the ordering of drinks and one woman offered to buy us all drinks. What a way to wake up! Read More →

Intimate Conversations with Tanya Paluso

This interview with Tanya Paluso of Tribal Truth, is going to be just like the two of us going out for a glass of wine or an eggnog latte… I can already tell we are going to hit it off! I love her flavor of authenticity and rawness.  She has SUCH a huge heart and space for vulnerability, and for sharing what’s going on in her world. Talk about raw and revealing! If anybody can go to the core and something Magical can be revealed, I’m sure it’s Tanya.

3 Ways to stay SANE during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner can be sooo yummy and joyous… AND it can trigger old family wounds and drive you bonkers. Here are three ways to support yourself in having the best experience this year and every family gathering.

  1. Make it a Spiritual Practice
  2. Let yourself be Distracted
  3. Don’t go (OMG I actually said that out loud)

As I explain these scenarios, see if any resonate with you as a point of view that would bring you more joy, that would create the space for you to be you no matter what so-and-so said, and if they give you the added energy to navigate this being your most joyous Thanksgiving and Holiday season yet.

And, let me know how they went! Sending you huge delicious love!

~ Allana xoxoxo