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She’s Way Too Good For Me!

The woman you are dating is a knock-out!  You can’t figure out what you did to have the universe grant you not only the sight of this goddess, but her love, devotion, and admiration.  You keep pinching yourself because it all seems to good to be true.

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Intimate Conversations Live with Sheena LaShay

What a privilege to go so deep, so fast and so profoundly with such amazing people! Sheena LaShay is one of them. “Known as an Intellectual Sensual Shaman and Wild Magical Woman, Sheena has one mission: To inspire authentic and powerful living.” I mean… if that doesn’t already make feel tingly and excited inside, then I don’t know what will!

Sheena is so beautiful and inspirational. She is now a sought after motivational speaker, writer and producer in New York City.  she’s also photographer AND  fellow pole dancing enthusiast. I wish we were in the same class together!

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