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So Much Trauma, Yet You Go! How?

Q: Ms. Allana, I think you are absolutely radiant. For someone who has gone through as much as you have, you simply glow. As a PA (Physician’s Assistant), I have seen how stress, frustration, and life in general can erode a person’s appearance. What is your secret? Read More →

Supportive, Yet Frustrated

Q: Recently Allana, my husband lost his job and I’ve been supportive; however, I’m also working full time and I’n helping support our family and lately, he has become resentful that I am working and he is not. He is incredibly sensitive that I can’t even make a casual joke without him making it about himself. How do I remain supportive but not be made to feel guilty that I am a working woman.

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Kids Are Out of Control

Q: My kids are running circles around me and I feel like I don’t have control anymore.  The worst part is the judgment that comes from those around me.  We live in a small town and I can hear the whispers and I just want to hide behind a rock.  I just want to exclaim to them, “THEY’RE KIDS!”  What should I do?

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Drowning In a Sexless Marriage

Q: Allana, I’m in a sexless marriage as well.  Those who have not experienced it, please do not trivialize it.  You’re right Allana, it’s poor advice to tell someone to just talk to friends about something they may not understand. We live in a world where everyone treats relationships as disposable.  That said, I have not even sorted out my own marriage but I do think the next step is to seek spiritual, professional, counseling – such as someone like yourself.  People who are experiencing this should seek advice from someone who is currently there, someone who isn’t going to trivialize it or tell you to appreciate everything else instead of sex. I don’t want to hear from one person who can not relate. This is extremely frustrating.

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Unappreciated Exhausted WAHM

Q: Allana, I am a WAHM (Work at home mom) but my husband does not seem to understand what that means! He acts like I sit around the house all day with all the time in the world. When I ask him to do something, he treats me as if I’m being lazy or wants a prize for doing it. How can I get him to see that I am working my butt off and taking care of the house at the same time. I deserve a medal!

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Why Must Men Always Take The Lead?

You asked Coach Allana Pratt: “Should I feel guilty that I feel resentful, frustrated, and down right bitter because I am the one that ALWAYS has to make the first move, ALWAYS has to approach, and do the asking out?  Am I the only man that doesn’t enjoy this?  Why are men lead to believe that we should enjoy and embrace this role in dating?

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