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Avoiding the Friend Zone

Q: I can not figure out the perfect combination! How can I build the basis of a relationship with a woman without falling into the friend zone?

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Date Was Great But Now In The Friend-Zone


Question: I have gone out on a few dates with this amazing woman only to find out that she just wants to be friends.  She said “we would fight all the time”!  How can she assume how our relationship would be without even giving it a chance?

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Help Me Escape the Friend Zone

So many have asked me about the friend zone.  The land where so many men find themselves stranded, unable to escape.  How did you land there in the first place?  Why are you always being placed in the friend zone.  Is it something you say?  Or are you constantly seeking approval and sealing your own fate?

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I’m in Love With My Best Friend

Question:  I am in love with my best friend and I have been for years.  She has put me in the friend zone prison and I don’t ever see myself escaping.  How can I get her to see me as more than a friend?  She is consistently complaining to me that she can’t find the right guy and I just want to scream “I’m right here!”

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Sees Me As A Friend Instead of a Potential Lover

The dreaded “friend zone”.  You have been living it for so long, your lease is on auto-renewal!  How do you change the way she looks at you?  How can you finally escape the dreaded trap that has claimed so many victims.

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Did I wait too long or come on too strong?

Question: I am really into this girl and I finally got the nerve to let her know I was interested (we had had a moment before on her birthday when I thought something was going to happen but I decided to be a gentleman) but when I approached her, she blew me off to go meet some guy! Did I wait too long or come on too strong?


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