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Forward but Feminine with Men

Q: Allana, I read your newsletter and I want to be more forward just like you. What advice do you have for woman who want to approach men vs wait for a man to approach them?

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Getting A Gorgeous Co-worker To Desire Me

She is intoxicating.  You can’t get her out of your mind.  The way she walks, the way she talks, the way she commands a room and blows it away with just a smile or a glance.  In most cases, you could tolerate that she didn’t even know you existed.  Unfortunately, in your case – she hates you!

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The Art of Flirting

I am so honored that Liz Leia of the Art of Flirting asked to interview me about a classy sexy way women could flirt.

I love this topic and I shared so much about it for an hour on her blog talk show that you can listen to right here:

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