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I am Always Initiating! How Can I Change This?

Q:   I am always initiate any intimacy between us.  Does this mean she doesn’t like me, that she isn’t into me?  How can I change this?
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Increase Your Self Esteem!

Q:  Allana, I have really low self-esteem. I envy all of these empowered women that have all of this confidence. How can I become more like these women?

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How to Live Deeply Fulfilling and Financially Free Lives








What an honor!  I was recently interviewed by the amazingly inspirational Cyndie, who founded Feminine Mastery. We shared personal formulas that we use to live deeply fulfilling & financially free lives, the emotions existing behind the embodiment of the sexual and financial freedom and how to love yourself enough to be able to be one with the Universe.

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Feminine Mastery Series

I have the honor of being approached by SO many incredible coaches to do webinars, teleseminars, radio interviews, and tv interviews.  While I choose to believe I am making a contribution to the universe with my knowledge, I am always taken back by how much I grow through each experience.  The Feminine Mastery series was no exception.

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Boyfriend Won’t Go To Strip Club With Me

Q: I have been taking pole dancing classes and I absolutely love it! It gives me a true appreciation for the talent of a stripper.  I want to take my boyfriend to a strip club but he won’t go.  Help!
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Taking Back My Power (and staying out of the dog house)

Question: My wife holds a powerful role at work and often tries to hold the power at home as well. How do I gently and lovingly take my masculine power back without pissing her off?

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