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Best Way To Dealing With Ex’s Overly Involved Boyfriend

The divorce is finalized and you both have decided to move on with your lives.  You have a beautiful teenager who has been strong and supportive in your decisions and just wants to see you both be happy.  She is even more excited when her mother starts dating someone new who adores her just as much.  Problem is, you aren’t ready to be pushed out of the picture just yet.

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2nd Chance – Don’t Want To Blow It

Second chances are rare, so what do you do when the universe bestowed upon you the impossible – a second chance with the love of your life?  How do you make sure you do everything right this time? How do you guarantee success?

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2nd Chance with my Ex Wife

Q: My ex-wife is giving me a second chance and if I blow it, that’s it.  We fought so much the first time around because we are so different. I, now, have changed and she says she has changed too.  How can we make this work, the second time, for the sake of our family because we have two kids.

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I am constantly fighting with my ex-husband!

Question: I am constantly fighting with my ex-husband! My friends keep telling me to knock it off but somehow he constantly draws me back in. How do I walk away for good?

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