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Intimacy on Unequal Playing Fields

Q:  I have met a really nice girl but here’s the problem – what do you do when you date someone that isn’t as “experienced” as you? She has only had 2 partners while I had, well – a lot more.
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Avoiding the Friend Zone

Q: I can not figure out the perfect combination! How can I build the basis of a relationship with a woman without falling into the friend zone?

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Desperate For Love

Q: Allana, I feel as if I am constantly sabotaging my chances of finding Mr. Right by constantly settling for Mr. Right Now! I am so desperate to be with someone that I settle for the first person that looks my way!
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Mom Wants To Be My Wingman

Question: My mother keeps trying to find me a man and I can’t take it anymore! She doesn’t know that I am dating someone and I haven’t told her because I don’t believe she will approve. Read More →

Ditched Me For His Ex

Question: First I was laid off, then I accumulated unexpected expenses, and the icing on the cake was that my boyfriend broke up with me so he could return to his ex-girlfriend! I am losing all faith. Help me see the lesson, the gift, or at least help me understand why this is happening to me. Read More →

He’s So Clingy! Why?

Question: My boyfriend and I have been dating for awhile and he is becoming super clingy, as if he can not be by himself.  I went out of town for business for a few weeks and since my return, he is been acting like a complete brat. Is this some type of guy thing? Like pulling my ponytails to show he likes me? Read More →