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Intimate Conversations with Lindsay Williambrown

Merry Christmas!  This week on Intimate Conversations Live, I am airing a FANTASTIC pre-recorded interview with the lovely Lindsay Williambrown.  Lindsay offers deep expertise in raw, vegan spiritual and physiological transformations, supplement evaluations, as well as in intuitively sourced Eastern Feng Shui, Reiki (Master III), and vibrational approaches.

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Intimate Conversations with Jonathon Aslay

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, I am completely stoked to have Jonathon Aslay as my guest of honor.  Jonathon is a defender and protector of women’s hearts around the world. He helps women transform from attracting Mr. Wrong into finding their Mr. Right.

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How to go from Devastated to Delicious after a Divorce


I remember when my husband and I separated, he went off to NYC to get laid for the weekend. Lovely. Then he married MY female financial advisor who found out a millionaire was on the loose. Ouch.

When my clients tell me war stories of him leaving her for a younger woman, her taking him to the cleaners, the betrayals, abandonment and cruelty that goes on, the first thing to help them out of stuck sorrow is to get angry.

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What Do You Do When You Date Someone That Isn’t As “Experienced” As You?

You asked Allana Pratt:  What do you do when you date someone that isn’t as “experienced” as you? I have met a nice girl and she has only had 2 partners while I had, well – a lot more.


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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Grace Fraga

Grace Fraga is so damn funny and even moreso, she is honest and tells it how it is.  I had such a good time getting down and dirty in the thick of dealing with bad relationships with her.  This interview will leave you shaking your head in agreement and with hurting cheeks from all the laughs.

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What are some sexy Christmas gift ideas? 

I love THINGS and yet what moves me to my core are EXPERIENCES.
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