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Teach My Girls not to Need a Man

Q: I am a single mother of two beautiful twin girls and I feel so pressured when it comes to dating because not only am I bringing a man around my children, I am also modeling how to be a woman to my daughters and it is scary. How do I teach them to be a strong independent women who doesn’t need a man while Mommy is trying to find a man!

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Single Dad of Three – Can’t Meet A Woman

As a single father with three children, you find yourself making play dates, scheduling doctor’s appointments, putting food on the table, working, and making time for the kids.  When was the last time you made time for you?

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When Should I Share That I Have a Child

Q:   How do you find the right time when seeing someone new to mention that you have a child? I really like this woman that I just started dating but I don’t want to scare her off.
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