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School is Complaining and We Can’t Agree on Resolution

Q: Our soon to be four year old is having issues at school and we, as his parents, can not agree on how to rectify the situation.

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Date Was Great But Now In The Friend-Zone


Question: I have gone out on a few dates with this amazing woman only to find out that she just wants to be friends.  She said “we would fight all the time”!  How can she assume how our relationship would be without even giving it a chance?

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Stuck In The Middle


Question: I don’t want to be in the middle of this! My boyfriend’s mother is sick and he wants to move back home to be closer to her. His mother HATES me and he wants me to go with him. The doctor’s are saying the outlook is not positive and I want him to be there for his mother but I don’t think I am a big enough person to put our issues aside to endure her. Am I horrible?

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Help! How Can I Save My Marriage?

Q: I’ve done all I know how to save my marriage, but my wife isn’t responding.  What is your advice on what I should do next?

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