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Her Mouth Says Fine but Her Body Says Otherwise

Q: My girlfriend isn’t the best with communicating her feelings to me. I have been hit one too many times with the “fine” answer only to find out from someone else that she was angry.

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Desperately Need Space from Girlfriend

Q: My girlfriend is smothering me and when I bring it up, she gets defensive.  What gives?

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Girlfriend Constantly Late

Q:  My girlfriend is constantly late but never likes to be rushed. When I try to explain it, she says I am talking down to her and that people just need to be patient. How can I get her to realize it is just a matter of common courtesy.

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I Want Kids, He Doesn’t

Q: My husband and I are about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. For a decade, it has just been the two of us which has been great but I am starting to feel an emptiness. We talked about getting a pet but I think I want to add children. Neither of us wanted kids before but things change, people change, I changed. How do ease someone into a conversation like that?

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Which Should I Choose? The BF or the Dog?

Question: Before my boyfriend, my favorite companion was my dog. My boyfriend has always been kind to her; however, we have been talking about moving in together and he keeps picking places that don’t allow pets.  Is he making me choose? Read More →

Can’t Communicate With Husband

Q: My husband and I have two different styles of communicating and fight all the time. How do we skip the frustration and learn to just talk to each other?

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