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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Colette Baron-Reid

As you know, I had the exquisite pleasure of interviewing, the one and only, Colette Baron-Reid. She is an inspirational, gorgeous, intuitive psychic. Her authenticity is intoxicating and her truths are inspiring. I love her willingness to get intimate with us AND ask ME questions.

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Intimate Conversations with Colette Baron-Reid

How did I get lucky enough to have the amazing Colette Baron-Reid on Intimate Conversations AGAIN?! Last year, Colette told me that during our interview she told me things she hadn’t ever told anyone! SO RAW. She made us laugh, cry and open up to what’s possible.

This week, we’re going to learn about her program called The In-Vision Process, about energy psychology. Colette’s mission is to help coaches, therapists, healers and individuals committed to their own personal growth unlock their full potential and use it in our every day lives.

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