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Unacquainted Love for 15 Years. Time to Let Go?

Q: 39 year old female here with a question for you Allana. I have been in love with my business partner since the day we met. He’s single but has always expressed that he only wants to be committed to his business and his career. We have been working side by side for 15 years now and we fight like an old married couple. There was one night where I thought we were gonna cross the line to something more but the phone rang and by the time he got back he was so frustrated from the call he just said “Good Night” and left. Nothing since. I never brought it up again but I always wondered what could have or would have been if that stupid phone hadn’t rang! I will be 40 next month. I don’t want to keep waiting and dreaming of what could be but I don’t want to destroy our working relationship either. Which one do I choose, business or pleasure? Read More →

As an Intimacy Expert, is Dating Harder? Easier?

Q: Allana, as an intimacy relationship coach, do you find meeting and dating more difficult or easier. Are you currently in a relationship? If so, does your partner feel they are on equal grounds due to your knowledge versus their life experiences? Just curious.

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Don’t Call, Don’t Text, Facebook is OK!

So many questions come from your beautiful souls. Thank you for your vulnerability.

Q:  Ma’am, I need your help. I love a girl and we were very close to one another but suddenly she’s become very cold and distanced herself from me. She told me that she is going to change her number and that she can’t give me her new number but she asked me to text her on Facebook. What do I do? Help me?

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She Wants Out!

Question: I think my girlfriend is trying to dump me.  Everything has been a fight lately.  She is turning the simplest things, like making the bed or washing the dishes, into the fight of the century.  Should I just go ahead and end it for her instead of dealing with this nonsense?
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Girlfriend is Losing Interest



One company function.  Not attending one company function with your girlfriend has now caused a rift in your relationship.  You have apologized, you have attempted to make amends, you thought things were back to normal but something has changed.  Things are not the same and you don’t know how to fix what doesn’t obviously seem broken.

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She Is Asking for Space

It’s finally happened.  She said it.  You are still trying to wrap your head around it.  What does it mean?  Why did she say it?  Does she really need it…”space”.  Things were going great, this is completely out of nowhere, or is it?

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