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Girlfriend is Losing Interest



One company function.  Not attending one company function with your girlfriend has now caused a rift in your relationship.  You have apologized, you have attempted to make amends, you thought things were back to normal but something has changed.  Things are not the same and you don’t know how to fix what doesn’t obviously seem broken.

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Boundaries To Stay Clear Of With An Ex

Question: After we break-up, what boundaries should I not cross with my soon to be ex-girlfriend?
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My Ex Won’t Stop Texting Me!

Q: Hi Allana – huge fan! I love getting your newsletters but I didn’t really care for the “text your ex” one. I feel like most of my problems exist because my ex and I won’t stop texting each other. Every time I feel like I am moving on with my life and taking a step forward (away from him), he sends me a text and drags me back in. This can’t be healthy.
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Getting Her Back

Q:  I have been facing a problem from almost a year now and can’t find out what to do…. I have liked a girl since I was 4 years old, we were friends – met her in a class. We had spent a lot of time with each other. But somehow things went wrong and we are now separated from each other. I did everything I could to get her back but no results. What should I do?
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