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We Fight, Boyfriend Shuts Me Out

You asked Allana:  When my boyfriend and I have problems, he just shuts down. He wants for it to blow over. How can I get him to communicate?

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Boyfriend Wants to Jump Ship. Baby on the Way

Q: My boyfriend has one foot out the door and I am pregnant with his child and I’m in a custody battle about my first child. Please help me find the good in all of this.
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My Boyfriend is Spineless!

Question: Just like his mother, my boyfriend is extremely passive aggressive.  I want him to just spit out what the problem is instead of dragging it out with little comments here and there. Read More →

Which Should I Choose? The BF or the Dog?

Question: Before my boyfriend, my favorite companion was my dog. My boyfriend has always been kind to her; however, we have been talking about moving in together and he keeps picking places that don’t allow pets.  Is he making me choose? Read More →

Boyfriend Is Wonderful But Horrible With Money

Q: I’m 30 years old and my boyfriend is great, in most aspects of life, but he’s terrible at managing money.  Is this a deal breaker?  Does love trump money issues?

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Tired of Being One Upped By My Boyfriend


Question: I’m not in a relationship, I am in a competition!  My boyfriend feels the need to one-up me on everything I say and do.  If I am sick, he is dying.  If I am tired, he is exhausted.  If I want to share good news, he has to share his life changing news!  I am just so tired of being in the shadow and having to pat him on the back to make him feel good.

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