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Regret My Marriage. Now She’s Pregnant

Q: My crazy story is about me marrying an older woman who used to be my teacher from school. I regret it now since we got married so quickly in a cheap chapel, back in October. Our relationship was just sexual and marrying her was just for the sex.  I know it was a dumb move but after the marriage, we kinda argued a lot but then ended up having sex after but I think she got pregnant during angry sex. I really wanted to divorce her before she told me that she was pregnant but now I’m waiting for my child to be born soon but I feel like I’m just with my wife now for the child.  Look at the age difference! I’ve ruined my life just to enjoy casual sex with my ex-teacher.  She’s 39 and I’m 28. Isn’t this crazy.

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Can This Marriage Be Saved?


I’ll call them Sandy and Joe. Joe couldn’t slow down enough to be truly present and intimate with Sandy. Sandy’s frustrations about this made her feel lonely within the marriage and her dissatisfaction pushed Joe further away. Joe’s heart was so emasculated from his past marriage that if she was upset, he couldn’t really hear her without tuning out in fear. Sandy was angry that she left her job to be at home to be with Joe more, yet she felt ignored or abandoned by his lack of intimate connection.

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