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Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Andrea Owen

During the interview with the Gorgeous Andrea Owen, we literally laughed our asses off the whole time.  We chatted about her book, ‘52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS-Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve‘ which is jam packed with amazing nuggets of wisdom. We probably talked about half of the 52 ways. Its like the most wonderful blend of total inspiration, empowerment, humility, and vulnerability.

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Hair Cut n’ Color!

Enjoy this video of our experience!

While I’ve heard from other women that they began to go grey in their twenties… when 44 hit, it’s like my hair got the memo! Grey! Even in my eye brows! Yet as I discussed with Andrea Owen, my most recent guest on Intimate Conversations LIVE, neither of us have had the grey public hair yet. Praise the Lord for small miracles!

You know I focus on the inner game, our inner world, intimacy… our heart. I remember during my modeling years how I was so wrapped up in looking good, that I personally was unwilling to live in that constant fear of getting older and letting that define my beauty. As you know, I’ve personally transformed this external neediness into internal calm confidence and it’s my honor to support others on this journey.

THEN when we take action in our outer beauty, it’s truly a reflection of our inner glow and together the inner and outer create a SHAZAM of radiance that’s unstoppable and irresistible!

Case in point with Sarah, owner and stylist at Mix Salon in Atwater Village in Glendale, CA. I had made peace with my grey. I had embraced my salt and pepper transformation. I enjoyed my beauty as it was and rocked it the best I could. Then Sarah offered me a day of beauty for my Bday!!! OMG!!! Yes please!!!

Sarah is like this amazing head colorist for Paul Mitchell and knows color like a master. Her eyes get all focused on you, your eyes, your energy, your personality… and she starts mixing color like it’s a potion and you’re a Queen. I loved it! The results were amazing!!! I totally love it! I honestly had no idea of how incredible it feels to get a KILLER scalp massage! I honestly haven’t felt so empowered with a new hair cut in ages! It’s like she opened the door for even more of ME to shine! I feel inspired to let the trend flow into my fashion and makeup. The mix of funky and sophistication she gave me is really an external expression of the inner ME! I don’t know if this is why she called the salon MIX, but she did create the perfect mixture of ME with color.

So if you’d like a day of beauty for yourself, contact Sarah for SURE!
And if you’d like to have your inner erotic creature soar along side your locks of gorgeous hair, have you tried my Embrace Your Sacred Erotic Guided Meditation that I recorded in the luscious jungles of Costa Rica?

Sending massive delicious love to you beautiful sister! Allana xxoxo

Intimate Conversations with Andrea Owen

I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t use the words ‘kick ass’ for something, and I am super excited to tell you that the kick ass, gorgeous, amazing Andrea Own will be joining me for Intimate Conversations LIVE this week!

Andrea’s book, “52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life” is so powerful and motivating. When I first got it, I flipped right to a page that says, “People are the way they are. You never filled out a job application to be in charge of their feelings, actions, opinions etc. so why, why, why do you try to control them?” That was EXACTLY wheat I needed to read.  How does it get any more inspiring than that? We often punish ourselves for not being able to control, or create change in other peoples’ lives, forgetting that they have free will and choice. I know I have… many times. I just can’t wait to talk about it with Andrea this week.