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Getting Over Fear of Rejection

Question: Ms. Pratt, I’m 40 and have never had a girlfriend/wife. I was in therapy , in which we have found the underlying issue for me is I grew up in an abusive household (father physically, verbally abused mother) so it’s hard for me to deal with unwanted adrenaline. Like your client, my fear of rejection is staggering. Not sure I’m the same as your client but I have Social Anxiety so bad it’s hard for me to be around people at all. Can you please talk about some techniques to deal with unwanted adrenaline and how to get over fear of rejection?? Thanks in advance.

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Intimate Conversations Highlights with Melanie Tonia Evans

This week on Intimate Conversations Live, Melanie Tonia Evans opens up about her journey of survival as she shares her own personal story of being engulfed by two abusive narcissistic relationships, making it to the other side, and emerging triumphantly – stronger, happier, and owning her personal power.

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Should I leave my verbally abusive boyfriend?

Q:  I am in a sensitive situation.  My boyfriend is verbally abusive but always apologizes the next day.   Should I leave or give him an ultimatum?
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