Want to Check On My Ex? Good Idea?

Q: Allana, is it acceptable to check in on your ex after some time apart.  You see, things didn’t end well with my ex-boyfriend and I worry about him but I don’t want to reopen old wounds or give him a false sense of hope by seeing if he is ok.  Should I leave this well enough alone?

A: I sense there are so many things going on.  When we care about someone and can’t get them off our mind – we are not present.  We are not focused moving forward, we are in the past.  Sometimes we also pick up on energy of other people and you may be tuning in that he isn’t doing well.  Your concerned about giving him false hope is emasculating.  I need you to look at him as a Noble Badass – do not baby him, do not enable him. Interacting with him in a superior way doesn’t allow him to step into his grandeur.

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