Single Since My Divorce

Question: I haven’t been on a date since my divorce. I don’t want to say or do the wrong thing, what advice do you have for people starting to date again?

Answer: What a wonderful time of growth and expansion for you! My video goes into depth about three main keys to create a great experience for you:

1. Heal your Heart: So as to not attract another person like your ex, just in a different body, you HAVE to have learned the lessons from your past relationship. Work with a coach like me, take a program, do some deep soul searching and claim the win of your evolution before you get out there again.

2. Get Clear: Who do you want to be with? If you wrote a list of 20-30 qualities… which ones can’t you live without? Which ones are deal breakers? This is SO helpful when you’re heart gets all a flutter… keeps you discerning focused and clear on the true qualities that you require to give of your awesomeness in relationship. (Secret: they may have changed since your last relationship once you Heal Your Heart xoxo)

3. Get Juicy! (or if you’re a guy, Get Badass!): ‘Empty” people on dates are energy vampires or needy. You want to be FULL and alive being who you are, happy with life, overflowing with the natural YOU. This way you’re confident without trying, you’re more interested vs trying to be interesting… and you can more easily stay centered and discerning to see if those deal breakers are sitting in front of you!

I recommend you sign up at for my weekly podcast Intimate Conversations LIVE and my value-packed vulnerable, sexy newsletter. If you KNOW you have to heal your heart, then I would be honored to work with you in a potent, one-on-one Find Your Perfect Mate Breakthrough Session so that you save time, energy and the money of a divorce by healing your heart to the core. Not only will you feel peaceful, alive and delicious, you will attract a higher quality partner AND enjoy the relationship you’re always known is possible.

You know this is for you if you are struggling trusting men/women after a breakup… this means you’re disconnected from your power, your knowing which is what not only keeps you safe from further heartbreak, but also acts as your intuition to guide you to your perfect Love!

xoxoox Allana

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