Need One Lined Up Before I Can Move On

Q:  Coach, I have finally figured out something with the help of a friend of mine. I can’t move on from one girl/woman without meeting another.  I am still hung up on my ex-girlfriend but I realized I only got over the girlfriend before her because of her (and the one before that…) How do I break this cycle of having to replace the old with the new in order to be happy?

A: When we are super tiny, we are so helpless, sweet and little, yes? We feel happy when we have toys or food or attention… and not so happy when someone takes our toy, or we get hungry, or nobody gives us attention. We begin to think that our happiness is outside of us. And we start seeking to control our environment.

This interesting point of view continues into adulthood when we think we need lots of money, or a secure job, a woman by our side to be enough, to feel safe, to be happy.

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