My Parents Hate My Girlfriend!

Q:   My parents hate my girlfriend—especially my mother. She is constantly telling me that she doesn’t trust her and that I can do better. My father just sits there. I know I am going to marry this woman—I have already bought the ring. My mother knows as well and just keeps telling me that I am making a huge mistake. My girlfriend is amazing, she is taking everything with stride and is bending over backwards to win them over (see why I want to marry this woman!) What can I do? She doesn’t deserve this.

A: Two things: 1) Congratulations on finding a beloved that makes your heart sore to new heights. 2) I am so sorry the two of you have to go through this but I know your bond is a strong as ever. A little food for thought – we are all born into our families but we choose our friends and beloved. While you may have the utmost love and respect for your family, evolving to be in allowance with your parents opinion, while choosing your heart’s desires and dropping into your truth, even in the face of disapproval, is the first step of your journey.

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