My family and friends keep trying to set me up with men

Question: Most of my family and friends keep trying to set me up with men. Am I wrong for being so picky this late in life? For working so much?

Answer: I’m not into right or wrong, love, just what works for you, what makes you happy! If not having dating as a priority and instead having work as a priority is what makes you happy, then no issues! If you are lonely, want to be married or in a committed relationship yet you are unwilling to take actions in that direction, then we have some talking to do!

If your friends and family keep trying to set you up with men, they seem to be wanting to make you happy, yet it probably feels like judging you for being single, which doesn’t feel good, so you deflect, defend and keep working, huh?

Perhaps you could tell them to lay off in a nice way, or perhaps you could just receive their suggestions with allowance, perhaps you could all sit down and put your profile online and they could be your dating ‘staff’, and go through tons of men while you enjoy working and organize all your dates for you! ha! What feels best to you?

And about the picky part. Is your picky a strategy to never open your heart, risk rejection and thus stay busy and single? Or are you picky because you’re so hard on yourself, perhaps a perfectionist (which is impossible, nobody’s perfect, we are all works of art in progress) and thus expecting perfection from a man? Is being picky a clever survival mechanism never to show up and enjoy deep vulnerable intimate love because you got hurt last time you did that?

I’d honestly like to have a strategy session with you to get to the heart of the matter. I have several clients who say they want a relationship yet either their heart is still wounded, they aren’t taking actions, they are taking ineffective (or counter productive or downright offensive) actions and don’t even know it. So in a short amount of time, we could get you clarity, freedom and joy about who you are, where you are, what you want and what’s in the way… to create more delicious ease and yummy joy in your world. Sound good?

If that sounds like an effective, efficient and supportive next step with this issue, I would love to connect with you. I’m grateful for your question. I would be honored to support you in being happier. Contact my staff at: and let’s create some miracles, beautiful woman.

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