My Daugther is Being Bullied

Question: I am having issues with my daughter’s school. She is currently being bullied. I have spoken to the school, first to her teacher who stated she knew the bullying was taking place, then to the school. No one is doing anything. I have stated that I would just homeschool my child and now they are bullying me! They keep telling me that their school is fine with nice children. What would you do? It never stops. I feel as if people are just here to drain you – grief or no grief.


I have not always been happy with my son’s school either. Tremendous bullying took place too and curious, just like your story, they tried to bully me rather than take responsibility. I am not sure if this is public or private, yet my love, there is normally more than one school to choose from. I know it’s a pain in the ass to change, yet sometimes schools just aren’t a fit. Homeschooling is a huge commitment yet perhaps that’s your true desire and this is the Universe’s way of supporting your dream? Continuing to fight, argue, blame, justify isn’t working… so I’d try letting go of wanting it to get better… and allow a solution to appear first in your heart… then in your actions.

You are in charge of your life, and the Universe is there to support you. Sometimes it’s the hardest to trust the Universe is on our side when we take a leap of faith, yet those are the most important moments to jump. You ARE held and you ARE seen and you ARE supported and you can HAVE peace for you and your child. Start looking in the direction of joy and freedom. And know I hear you and give you a damn big hug. xoox Allana

p.s. I went to a child development specialist who had great ideas of schools most appropriate for my son’s success. See what resources are available to steer you in the right direction.

p.s.s. Being bullied is usually an invitation to both stand up where you used to hide and also an invitation to not be triggered by other’s taunting and create a world bigger and beyond them… when you don’t react, they often get bored and leave. Lean in and welcome this personal growth for yourself. You can do it.

All my love,


  1. I’ve found that bullying features an unspoken communication similar to dating, or the behavior of the predator in the wild.

    My own kids attended schools that seem to pay considerable attention to preventing bullying, which is convenient for them since I would expect my kids to be as prone to bullying as I was.

    The downside of this is that I think my kids are less likely to recognize more subtle bullying as adults when it arises later in life whether they are giving or receiving it.

    It’s funny how these unique challenges are placed in our path in life specifically tailored for both our strengths and weaknesses to show us there is no difference between strength and weakness.

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