Is Menopause Killing My Sex Life?

Coach Allana Pratt was asked: Do you think that experiencing menopause may be playing a huge role in my low libido?

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Glorious friend, yes, hormonal us always play a huge role in our energy and libido. I am not a Doctor, yet in my experience, menopause is a time where many symptoms can arise such as depression, vaginal dryness, lack of libido or trouble sleeping which leads to exhaustion, crankiness, etc.

My first question would be to ask if there are other factors that might be contributing, an elephant in the living room you’re not facing with your partner? Are there any issues you’ve been avoiding for when we press down feelings, we can often stuck our energetic flow of life, draining our vitality, youthfulness and libido. I find that menopause can be a time for many of my clients to come more alive than ever, diving into their callings big time, not giving a shit what people think about them, and be even more alive in the bedroom. Sometimes they have the courage to be who they’ve never given themselves permission to be sensually and discover multiple orgasms for the first time. Many women in my pole dancing class are in their 50’s and they are breathtakingly gorgeous in their movements and confidence and surrender.

I would get your hormones checked out. Dr. Christiane Northrup has been a featured guest on my show Intimate Conversations LIVE a few times and is a great resource. Dr. Sara Gottfried is also a guest in my Radiance DVD Curriculum, another great resource. Make sure you handle the physical areas that could be responsible.


For the emotional, energetic, feminine energy and sacred sexual expression areas… I am your gal. Sometimes it takes us until our menopausal years to finally have the courage or awareness to release decades of shame or guilt that finally surface ready to be felt, healed and released. Either way, physical or emotional, your body is talking to you and I’m so glad you’re listening. Brilliant. Wise. Courageous. Self caring.

I am here for you sister and privileged to connect with you to contribute to you fullest satisfaction as an erotic sacred beautiful creature so I invite you to reach out and connect with me should it resonate for us to dive into this block and create a glorious flow of sensual energy enlivening your life. Contact my amazing manager at to connect with me. A strategy session would be a sensational way to begin and create a path of incredible sexual fulfillment for your life. Huge blessings, Allana xoox

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