Allana, how do you get such divine skin?

Allana, how do you get such divine skin?

Seriously? I felt this wave of embarrassment wash over me when you asked that. Back when I was in dance class in my teens, I had horrible acne on my shoulder and all the acne drugs didn’t work. My Dad was a pharmacist and got me on this simple Sulfa drug and for some reason, it cleaned it all up by graduation, Thank God! Yet I remember not being able to wear a T-shirt in ballet class and KNOWING the girl behind me was grossed out. So humiliating.

Then in my 20’s and early 30’s I had pretty glorious skin and felt I was home free. Then when I got pregnant, all the hormones sent my skin to hell and again, as I was teaching Pilates in huge classes of amazing women and college girls, my acne was all over my shoulders again and this time with the pregnancy, I couldn’t take anything. It was so healing to stand heart open, vulnerable in my expanding belly, boobs, and acne. Practicing loving ALL of me, even my skin.

I was sure after I gave birth it would all go away, yet it didn’t and I have had to have facials for years (I’m 47) to keep things at bay. However, recently (like over the past year) I took out the Louise Hay book I use with ALL my clients yet hadn’t thought to use with ME… And looked up acne. Anger. Suppressed Anger. Well, if you’ve read about my journey, you know about the custody challenges I’ve had and my skin seemed to be where my anger was leaking out. So I chose to release my anger in healthy ways at dance class, with counselors, therapists, and my skin improved.

I stopped processed sugars as well. I would wash my face, by candle light, until I could stop focusing only on the zits. Instead of making my skin wrong when looking in the mirror, I would focus on the beauty of my eyes. Or if I saw a zit I would put a little salicylic acid or tea tree oil on it and ask my skin to please clear it up by morning, and it would.

Now I use Epicurean Organics products most of the time. And I am totally floored that you think I have great skin. Divine I think you even said. Wow. You have inspired me to love my skin even more, to thank it for its youthfulness, its radiance, its clarity and even those glorious smile lines that reveal my journey of ordinary bliss.

Thank you for deepening my communion with my beautiful sweet body. And may your communion with your glorious body, deepen as well.



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