Girlfriend NEVER Wants to Get Married

Q: My girlfriend of five years just told me she never wants to get married. I mean ever! This is a big deal for me because I have always wanted to be married. I have always wanted to have kids and start a family. I’m Christian and yes, while we have had sex, I don’t believe in having kids out of wedlock. I don’t want to throw away the past five years but I also don’t want to miss out on my life, either.

A: I find it curious that you are just finding out now, after five years, that she never wants to be married.  Has something happened in your life (or her life) that has shifted her perspective? What’s happened?  Something seems off. Is she potentially reacting to something?  Maybe it is just a phase or has she been telling you this all along and you just haven’t been listening.  That’s part of it.  The next part is to discuss into your fundamentals.

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