Getting Married Again. Is Fourth Time a Charm?

Q: In 14 years, I have been married three times. The first marriage only lasted because we had a child. I couldn’t get out of the second fast enough. We won’t even discuss #3. I think I have met husband # 4 but I am guarded. How do I know all of these failed marriages aren’t my fault – what if #4 is already doomed before it even starts?

A: Yup. You’re definitely broken. Unfixable. God made a mistake with you. NOT!!!!!!!!
You are not doomed my love! You’re just a wee challenged like me and many of us in a relationship. Welcome to the planet! That’s what we’re all ultimately here for… relationship with self, with Source, with Other.
Don’t judge yourself for marrying every man you’ve slept with (wink xoxo). Many people have way more failed relationships than you, they just haven’t made it official with marriage and divorce.
So here’s your homework:
  1. What’s the lesson of husband #1? Did you learn it? Was it like me, feeling so insecure that you didn’t really see if he was a good match, you just didn’t want to be alone?
  2. What’s the lesson of husband #2? Did you learn it? Was it like me, feeling no more fairytale Disneyland BS, I’m going to MAKE this happen and I became single focused unwilling to see MANY red flags.
  3. What’s the lesson in husband #3? Did you learn it? You don’t want to discuss it so it makes me think there is still shame there, guilt, embarrassment… love, when you feel this way, it clouds and blocks your awareness to make solid decisions. This worries me for hubby #4 not because of anything about him… but YOU need to have a healed heart and conscious aware mind to SEE the real him.

Dr. Dain and I created a DVD where we went through in depth the foundation required for a thriving intimate relationship. I REALLY recommend you get it and learn more about the importance of trust, honesty, vulnerability, tenderness, allowance etc. in a relationship. There is a killer potent healing MP3 with the DVD of clearings that heal, shift and change limiting beliefs that make some of us attracted to psychopaths!

Honestly it would be great for you and potential hubby #4 to watch together as a door way to talk about the tough issues BEFORE marriage so that you set the stage for success. Talk about sex, money and being really inspired and accepting of each other’s natural way of being, so you don’t ask the other to change in order to be in the relationship. That’s like divorcing a part of you while you’re trying to be married… doesn’t work!
Bottom line is that you CAN have a successful relationship and the fact that you’re asking me shows me that you are already on the way. Note than when you invest in your next marriage working with the DVD ( you will be invited to get two sessions with me at a discount only available to those who buy my DVDs. Take the offer. Let’s put that DVD on sacred healing steroids and let me help you clear away any blind spots that you would of changed if you could, but you haven’t… cuz they’re blind spots. I have them too, and once they’re healed… I believe you will trust yourself again… and let out a huge exhale as you come home to YOU…and make a solid happy choice to be or not to be with hubby #4… either way you’ll be at peace with YOU.
Adore you,

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