What do you think about the new trend "Divorce Parties?"

What do you think about the new trend "Divorce Parties?"

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What do you think about the new trend “Divorce Parties” or celebrating becoming single again in an elaborate way?

What do I think about celebrating divorce or being single again in an elaborate way? Hmm… I have mixed feelings. If you are attempting to switch your frame of mind to positivity then, go right ahead and throw a grand party! It is time to celebrate! However, if you are still focusing on all that negativity then, it might not be the best idea in the world. Think of your own personal karma. Having a voodoo doll at the dining table might not be a great way to move forward with your life.
Now, if this is a way for you to express all that you have learned and how you can do better the second time around feel free too. Sometimes out of hardships, come the next best phase of your life. This is something you can share with others and benefit from yourself.
So first, ponder about your current state of mind before you plan a party and send out invitations. If you have any unconstructive thoughts floating around that head of yours, don’t pop open that bottle of champagne. Stop and think about an inspirational future.
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