Can chemistry grow?

Can chemistry grow?

Your amazing Question: Can you learn to be passionate about someone if there’s no chemistry at first?

I’ve interviewed tons of people on Intimate Conversations LIVE who say they were first friends with their husbands or wives and after building a friendship, one day, WHAM and the energy changed and they felt the chemistry and now it’s been 10 years, babies, etc. It happens!

I’ve had many clients who felt chemistry build with a friend by building trust, developing vulnerability, respecting their partner and how they show up in the world and then WHAM, they feel a strong pull to be with them intimately and have been an item for years.

Honestly, this has never worked in my life. Perhaps it’s because I’m so erotically wired, so committed to sacred sexual living that chemistry over time has never happened for me. Earlier in the year I dated a wonderful, conscious, amazing, generous man who made me feel safe and sane, yet from day 1 there wasn’t chemistry. I decided to not be concerned with this and appreciate him and spend time and get to know him, basically follow my clients and my colleagues advise that chemistry could grow.

Yet, the opposite happened. The disconnection sexually made me more and more frustrated. It even made me doubt myself and judge myself- why couldn’t I MAKE myself be turned on, he was so great?! I was honest from the beginning about my lack of desire. He was patient and very giving, yet nothing woke up within me, and in the end I sensed he felt hurt. So recently on a date with another amazing, fabulous, generous, funny, conscious man, after one date I told him the truth, and that I didn’t want to hurt him or get in the way of HER.

Two explanations have helped me to dissolve my self judgment and stay open to nourishing chemistry in my life. I say ‘nourishing chemistry’ because I do believe there is a sick passionate addictive dramatic destructive chemistry that happens that makes both men and women date or even marry people who are highly abusive. If it’s that kind of crazy insane chemistry that makes you disown your self worth and values, then run for the hills. Yet, there IS a NOURISHING chemistry that I’ve honestly only experienced by one man thus far in my life that literally feeds my soul. Food for my heart.

Intimate Conversations guest Omarian Atman ( is a Legacy Astrologer (and AcuLight Practitioner) and he told me in my chart, there is a difference between what brings me joy and brings me nourishment. It also told me what gives me energy and what my biggest challenge is. Challenge? Violent masculinity. Energy? Speaking to groups. Joy? Family. Nourishment? Sacred sex. WHOA. This really blew my mind for my son makes me so happy! And I love coaching, especially if I can do it so that it serves many on TV, Radio or my Memberships. Standing up to bullies is a place where in the past, I’ve hidden, and yet now I am learning to be calm confident and transcend my wound. And wow, sacred sex literally nourishes my being. YES! It all made sense!

Then my friend Larry Michel of Match Matrix ran my Energetic Profile that tells me about my energy level, sexual response, how I am around money and my communication style. I am a structural communicator, what I say is what I mean and I believe your words as if the truth. My son is figurative communication so he speaks more emotionally and I need to be careful to hear the emotion and not think he literally means what he says. I am a moderate activity level and my son is super high, so I’m writing to you from a trampoline park while he jumps for 2 hours, it sets our day up to work! I’m non conservative with money, have an ability to create money with ease and require the support / partnership to handle bills/savings/investing… that’s not my thing.

And with sex, I’m a physical sexual response as opposed to mental/ emotional. This means my sexual energy is held inside for a partner to open up, as opposed to on the outside 24/7. When I am with another physical, sexual response, it’s the most amazing bonding and deeply emotionally fulfilling for me. Larry’s report confirmed what I spoke earlier about chemistry, chemistry alone being destructive, “sexual intimacy without emotional intimacy is ‘false’ intimacy.” So Larry’s report shows how chemistry can hinder one’s capacity to include all aspects of a romantic partnership. You can get your report about you and your lover/loved ones

So overall do I believe chemistry can grow over time? I don’t. I believe love and affinity and connection can, yet that energetic connection I believe is intrinsic and can’t be manufactured. Just remember that chemistry can blind you from full, clear decision making and to not let it cloud your intuition or dissolve your courage to speak your truth if an issue arises.

Lastly, Larry’s report also talks about whether you have ‘true’ or ‘false’ attractions which is why you may always choose the wrong person for you. Truly a must navigate dating and relationships! I have true attractions yet married two men that were unhealthy choices- how did this happen? I didn’t heal my inner wounds which clouded my intuition and hindered my confidence to speak my truth, hear my heart and cooked with Life. If you feel your ‘picker’ is broken, I recommend you get Larry’s report to see where you stand and also book a strategy session with me so I can heal any wounds and clear away any blocks to your having 100% access to your knowing, your clarity, your courage and your connection with the Divine. Then you’re unstoppable! Book your session with my staff

Thank you for the privilege of spending intimate time together focusing on what really matters, a deep intimate nourishing erotic fulfilling relationship. Know you are a delicious phenomenal gift to this planet…

Huge love, snuggles and adoration,


P.s. For a Legacy Astrology reading from my friend Omarian, I recommend you contact him

P.s.s. For Larry’s incredible report to learn about your sexual attraction and more, get your report

P.s.s.s If you crave one-on-one time with me, that’s healing, non judgmental, delicious and magical with results, contact my staff for a strategy session

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