Thriving Intimacy Guided Meditations – For Him

You know those days when your mind can’t stop spinning?

When am I going to meet my woman?

OMG I can’t believe the size of my beer gut.

How am I going to ever pay off this debt? I’m so ashamed.

I keep snapping at the kids, just like my father did.

Why didn’t she want a 2nd date, why don’t women want me?

I know I’m addicted to porn, what’s wrong with me?

She did WHAT? Yet I don’t want her to use sex as a weapon again, so I’ll say nothing…

Do any of these sound familiar? Given we are vibrational creatures, our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our vibration… we literally feed the Universe with a recipe for what we DON’T WANT and wonder why our worse case scenarios keep coming true.

Ready to change that with ease?

We both know what you put in is what you get out… listening to ANY of these 35 Thriving Intimacy Guided Meditations will shift you from fear to love, overwhelm to calm, frantic to present, lack to abundance, not enough to damn awesome, doubtful to certain, feeling washed up to feeling like Handsomeness Himself.

A favorite client of mine literally listened to one meditation a day for a month… I swear his life changed trajectories! He moved across country, took action with his purpose, finally passed his architecture exams and got a killer job with the BEST firm in town! He started to attract women of a higher caliber. He felt confident that he could deeply connect instantly like he always wanted.

I told him he was speaking from his balls… he laughed, but got it. It was as if his voice resonated from a new place, like he was tapped into his true self, a higher realm of awareness, a deeper sense of knowing. He became a magnetic vortex to all he asked for and became an inspiration to everyone he touched. After having had trouble being respected for years, he was finally being respected by his peers. Even his beard seemed to grow in sexier! And all this and more will happen for you, too.

These meditations are mobile friendly, easy to pop in before or after work, getting ready for a date, during your Morning Ritual, as you drive or go for a walk in nature… instantly opening your noble heart, upleveling your vibration, making you more coherent and aligned with the Divine and able to receive your dreams right into your lap!

My voice will soothe you and your whole body will exhale knowing you matter, you’re worthy and you’re more than enough. Let me love you ‘Home’ to your truest, best self and be a catalyst to your most amazing intimate relationship ever.

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