The Missing Handbook to Motherhood

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I wrote the Missing Handbook to Motherhood because I believe there’s no turning back…

It’s not about getting your mojo back, it’s about birthing a whole new delicious YOU! This ebook filled with great stories, vulnerable confessions, practical tips, plus photos and secrets never shared before of my journey of motherhood. 

This ebook covers the following points:

  • How to fill up your tanks when you think you have no time
  • How to feel less overwhelmed when you’re spinning
  • How to release guilt, shame and even see the gift in anger
  • How to be more grounded and present with the kids
  • How to feel more vibrant, alive, energized and radiant as a lover
  • How to dissolve self judgment or perfectionism of being a perfect mom
  • How to stop blaming the world and giving your power away
  • How to be patient with your new body and love it back into shape
  • How to boost your confidence, calmness, centeredness and inner harmony… so that challenges feel easy peezy lemon squeezy
  • And more…so much more!

I believe this is a completely different book from ANYTHING on the market today which is why I wrote it! To me, I’m not willing to be a half ass mom… yet trying harder, burning the candle at both ends, trying to be perfect and beating myself up when I wasn’t… was making me crunchy and cranky… certainly not the playful, present patient mom I wanted to be. 

Moms have said they’ve devoured it, that it made them feel so safe, seen, understood and inspired. It specifically addresses how moms have different challenges than regular woman or working women and thus different solutions to bring back patience, playfulness, power and peace. 

There is even a section on single moms and their challenges because I know firsthand about being a victim in this department, and I want to shift that for you into the gift of growth it was always meant to be. 

Purchase your copy now… put on that oxygen mask first and let me nourish you to the core, sister.  You are worth it. 

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