Heart Splayed Wide Open 7 Week Home Study


When you BECOME ‘The One’,
You’ll Attract ‘The One’
or Awaken ‘The One’ You’re with…

When you BECOME ‘The One’,

You’ll Attract ‘The One’

or Awaken ‘The One’ You’re with…

Heart Splayed Wide Open – 7 weeks to a Soul Shaking Conscious Relationship

Hello amazing friend 😉

Life is too short to live it alone or lonely.

And settling is not an option, yes?

Ever wish love didn’t have to be so hard to find, grow & keep?

That you could effortlessly attract (& keep attracting) your ideal partner?

That intimacy didn’t have to die & wither away, that sex could always be great?

That you could unconditionally adore every single thing about yourself & your life?


Hello, I’m Allana Pratt. It took me 30 yrs and one hell of a custody battle to figure out the true key to attracting your ideal partnership… and keeping it.

You see we’ve been wired backwards, trying to FIND ‘The One’ when all along we are meant to BECOME ‘The One’.

I know that’s not as sexy as the quick fix your ego might be looking for, but I’m going to be direct and honest with you:

We’ve been seeking approval rather than approving of ourselves, trying to get attention to feel worthy, hustling and overachieving to be perfect, disregarding out own truth just to get approval, prostituting our soul to get mere crumbs to survive on, all the while dying inside…

It’s exhausting, terrifying and impossible.

This behavior destroys our confidence, sex appeal and libido.

We use food, sex, work, porn, shopping…any drug to drown our fears.

Yet when we heal at the core level, when we reconnect intimately with ourselves, when we BECOME ‘The One’ we’ve been seeking… we ironically attract our ideal partnership or awaken ‘The One’ we’re with!


In this proven, miraculous results producing home study program, you will…

*Heal from Past Abuse

You must genuinely BELIEVE & FEEL your worth to find someone truly worthy of your time, energy and love. When you do, you’ll easily attract them to your whole, beautiful, self.

*End the fear of rejection

Past rejection can prevent you from asking for (and getting) what you deserve. Learn how to let go of that past rejection to re-discover your power and get the life and love you want.

*Let go of the past (for real)

Carrying past hurts and even traumas into new relationships is a recipe for failure. Finally get how to REALLY let go of past experiences to create brilliant new ones.

*Amplify your sexy factor

Whether you feel you’ve lost your sexy or never had it, you can get your sexy back – and get it good. Learn how to not only BE sexy but FEEL sexy all the time (and not just during sex)!

*Gain unwavering self-confidence

Confidence is a big part of sexy! Discover how to (finally) feel confident again and to show that confidence in what you say and do to attract the right person into your life… for good.

*Trust in yourself & life again

Re-building trust in yourself can be as hard as learning to trust others again. Learn what it takes to re-create your self-trust and how that opens doors to new wonderful experiences.

*Attract your ideal partnership

Stop settling for who you “can get” and get the partner you deserve. Learn how to attract that perfect person for you who’ll make your life exciting, inspiring and complete.

*Create & keep lasting intimacy

Finding your perfect “other” is half the battle. Now, discover the “magic” secret… how it’s more than possible to make love and intimacy last so you can truly enjoy the LOVE of your life.


So here’s what you’ll receive that will get you results:

7 Weeks of ‘Heart Splayed Wide Open Advanced Course’ 90 min Recorded Webcast Episodes of the proven Core Curriculum (Value $7500)

  • Segment 1: ‘Intimacy Training’ (this step by step training takes the guess work out of creating relationship success)
  • Segment 2: ‘Healing Transformational Processes’ (I only reveal these life changing processes with my private global clients)
  • Segment 3: ‘Q&A Laser Coaching’ (I reveal the blind spot that’s stopping you, and heals it on the spot!)

Twenty-one (21) Weeks of ‘Heart Splayed Wide Open Advanced Course’ Group Coaching Calls from the past 3 live courses answering YOUR question providing YOU the solution you’re looking for with love, sex, intimacy, communication, healing the past, stepping into your grandeur. (Value $2500)

LIFETIME ACCESS: All Recordings are available 24/7 in the Membership Private Portal. Unlike other programs that cut you off from accessing recordings, screw that! I give you LIFETIME ACCESS to the recordings, ensuring even if there’s a bump down the road, you will always have the tools to quickly make things right! (Value $1000)


That’s 11k of value… and I promise you the home study program is less than 10% of that investment. (and I even have a payment plan xox)

While I’d love to spend LIVE time with you in my Group Coaching, Inner Circle or VIP Programs… that investment will be 5k-50k.

So before you commit to that in-person investment, to end the aloneness and suffering and BECOME ‘The One’ so you can HAVE ‘The One’, I recommend my Home Study Curriculum as a smart, wise, efficient, cost effective and brilliant choice.

Register now 😉

Yes! This is my solution!


Deliciously, Allana xox


P.S. I have SO many success stories I could send you a friggen’ novel. Yet here is one recent 2019 success story that had me in tears…

When I registered for your HSWO home study program, I had no idea how life-changing it would be. I’m so truly grateful I found you and your work.

(And I’m going on the HOTTEST DATE EVER! But the best is for last.)

  1. I have never gotten this much attention from men in my LIFE. I initially thought it was a mistake, or maybe all the people I worked with were really weird… but it started happening EVERYWHERE! I’ve never been checked out, smiled at, or asked out this much. In fact, I never used to get asked out at all. Now not only do I get asked out by men, but I also get invited out by my new friends more! In my last relationship I had isolated myself, and now I have friends that I love who lift me up and are SUPER fun to be around! Amazing!
  2. I spent the last week of August partying, and not connecting with Little Me. I didn’t respect my own boundaries with men, and ignored her when she tried speaking up that she didn’t want to do something. I ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. It was a rock-bottom moment. I hadn’t been connecting to myself and Little Me, and I had been so busy with work and drinking and I ignored what was really going on for me. Here’s the breakthrough: I have never been so gentle with myself.

Normally I judge myself. Beat myself up. Criticize and berate myself with how much of a fuck-up I am… and there was none of that. None. No shame. Just compassion. And a lot of tears. I apologized to my body. I apologized to Little Me for ignoring her and being so mean. I listened to her then, and everything she needed to say. I held her, and asked her forgiveness. It was a profound and beautiful experience. And it moved me, that I had never experienced gentleness like that from myself.

  1. All of the processes have been amazing. Connecting with God and the Goddess has been one of my favorite journeys. To know that I’m held, loved, and supported. So freaking awesome. Especially because I had put them on a pedestal, gave all my power away and couldn’t even look them in the eye. Just like the way I would put certain men on pedestals! WAHHHH! It’s an ongoing journey, but that breakthrough was MASSIVE for me! Knowing that I’m not better or worse than, I just am. And I’m on an even playing field with God and the Goddess- they WANT me to come play! Wow!
  2. My relationship with Little Me is amazing. It brings me so much joy. It has also led to me accepting EVERY part of me. Especially the ones I used to judge and tell to shut up. I tell those parts of me that I love them, which was challenging at first. I spend time in the mirror saying “Kate, sweetie, I love you. I really, really love you. Even when you’re insecure, or needy, or seek validation outside of yourself- I love you. Even when you’re scared, I love you. When you make mistakes, I love you. When you stand in your power, I love you. When you choose to go to pole-dancing class instead of staying in bed, I love you.”
  3. I have never made this much money in my LIFE!!! I check in with my body before I make decisions to see if it feels good. I’m unapologetically me. And I have personal power like never before. I get to choose my experiences and how I want my life to be created.

OHMYGOD. I don’t know if you remember, but I said that I was attracted to men like my boss, but I didn’t feel like I was good enough for a guy like that. Well, guess what? He asked me out! Lol Because of this program I got over putting men on a pedestal.

Because of this program I started being MYSELF. My feminine, goofy, playful, loving, glowy self, and apparently he’s into it. Like, really into it. As an aside- my contract for that company is over so I don’t work for him any more. It’s perfect.

I was frustrated with the dating apps I was using so I asked the Universe for a man I can have a connected, sexy relationship with. Who will help me get reconnected to my sexuality and playfulness after that breakup in June. Who turns me ON… and this guy asked me out for dinner the next day… And he’s a great kisser. AHH!!!! There has been so much ass slapping!

I have so many emotions going on, and I’m scared, but I’m also committed to receiving every part of this experience -and him 😉 and keeping my heart splayed wide open.

Thank you so much, Allana. <3

This never would have been possible without you.

Like seriously, holy shit, thank you!

Sending you all the love and hugs!!

Xoxo Kate



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