Wendy Hutchinson

Wendy Hutchinson


In all honesty I can’t remember how the blessing of Wendy came into my life. Life pre Wendy and post Wendy! We both have similar motherhood journeys which very few who haven’t experienced it, can understand or have compassion for. We’ve had profound recalibration sessions over the years that feel like I’ve jumped timelines, integrated into angelic realms, embodied warrior of the light energy, unearthed my galactic heart, connected to my 300′ tall golden being and said farewell to several survival aspects of myself that we’re caught in patterns keeping me stuck. It’s deep work. It might sound a little out there… but I’m empowered and so grateful for her. We both understand that people say they do the work, but they really don’t do the work. They’re trying to think their way through it rather than feel and truly bravely surrender. Many have the right lingo yet are spiritually bypassing. She sees straight through it all. It feels so good to be seen by her for the depth of who I am and all that I’m capable and designed to be. Enjoy 🙂


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Meet Wendy

Wendy Hutchinson is a Lightworker, Ascension Coach, Writer, inspiring Public Speaker, and Podcast Host of her show The Path of Me. Her YouTube Channel features interviews with guests from all walks of life who have overcome adversity to align with their highest potential and live their best life. She is the author of “Finding the Path of Me,” an ascension guide for those seeking spiritual growth and expansion. Her soul mission is to inspire people to connect to their higher selves and trust their own intuitive guidance as they awaken to remember who they are and why they are here.
She is a healer and energy alchemist, learning mastery of herself through energy work, intense inner work and clearing of her own karma. Using her own experience as a guide, she lights the way for others to heal themselves and live their most empowered life. Energy alchemy is the art of energetically creating a beautiful life rather than becoming an unconscious victim of it. It’s energetically holding the highest frequency through mastery of the Self, and living as the fullest expression of light in all things and allowing the magic to unfold.
Wendy lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, and beautiful Pit Bull Guts. She enjoys family time with her two grown sons who live nearby, all forms of creative expression, hanging out with friends, and travel adventures.








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