Your Voice, The Song of Your Soul with Stewart Pearce

Your Voice, The Song of Your Soul with Stewart Pearce


I’m still a little stunned, in the most exquisitely expansively delicious way.


Stewart is magic. The way he spoke of growing up with his gifts was remarkably aligned to my own son’s. His mom saw him. I saw my son.


Stewart’s response to the challenges in his life by being still… well actually by being mute for a few years until he started to hum, then sing in the choir and then become am amazing Actor, then the Voice coach to Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana among others, and an Emissary to 12 Archangels from Atlantis…


I know right? He’s an extraordinary being. The resonance in his voice is inspiring, his humor delightful, his humility beautiful, his embodied wisdom like a home coming. And he saw me, which touched me very deeply.


In this other worldly conversation, we also discussed…


-His latest work, Diana the Voice of Change which became an Amazon best seller which I encourage you to get both in written an audio form!


-The Magnetic Voice Academy, so you can harmonize your authentic power and magnetism through the intrinsic power of your voice.


-The ancestral lineage reason why I feel so connected to Egypt and Lady Di, a confirmation of my work here on the planet, an exquisite transmission for which I am so grateful.




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Meet Stewart

Stewart was the Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy London from 1980-1997, helped pioneer Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre between 1997-2010, and has coached luminaries such as Actors: Hugh Bonneville, Vanessa Redgrave and Gwendoline Christie AND States-people: Margaret Thatcher, Diana Princess of Wales and Marianne Williamson. Stewart has published a series of self-empowerment books and oracles within the last twelve years including: The Alchemy of Voice, The Hearts Note, The Angels of Atlantis where he is an Emissary, and his latest work DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE which became an Amazon best-seller in 2022.





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