Seth and Melanie Studley

Seth and Melanie Studley


OK, I want to be Melanie and Seth when I grow up. What I mean is that I look forward to years down the line in my amazing relationship that I can say we’re better, deeper, more in love and more awakened like they are. You are going to learn SO MUCH from what didn’t work and what’s now working in their marriage. Differentiation… I call it Allowance. They commit to no bad sex… what does that really mean? Listen in 😉 They are sooo expressed sexually, out of their heads and in their bodies more than ever… listen to HOW they do this. And lastly… how each of them have embraced doing ‘hard things’ as a way to bring their best selves to each other in the relationship. I adore them. And Mel’s earringed-headphones. And Seth’s lumber jacket. And so much more. You’ll literally be turned on listening to this. xox


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Meet Seth and Melanie

Seth and Melanie Studley
Hello! My name is Melanie Studley, I am a Podcast Producer/Audio Engineer and my husband Seth Studley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, hopefully you already know a little bit about our journey, but if not I will fill you in….
Just 5 years into our marriage Seth and I found ourselves struggling in many ways. We were going to counseling that never seemed to help, we had two young children and we fought constantly. We had no idea how to manage the stress of early marriage on top of the stress of young parenthood, and then it happened.
We broke, and when I say broke, I mean we really broke. I gave Seth a black eye!
This moment in our marriage revealed to both of us just how unhealthy we truly were. I was so unhealthy and so broken as an individual that I lashed out at Seth every chance I got even to the point of verbally assaulting and physically abusing him, he was so afraid and ashamed of his behavior that he cowered at my rage and let me walk all over him.
The months and years that followed this event are the foundation of the anatomy Of Marriage Podcast, a show that explores our journey of deep and meaningful healing in marriage, as well as examining the complexity of long term relationships. The Anatomy Of Marriage Podcast is a show that gives real help to real couples.
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