Scot McKay

Scot McKay


OMG I love Scot. What a Podcast, YET the ‘after conversation’ after our very feisty Podcast brought me closer to him as my friend than ever. I respect him more, feel more heard and supported than ever. It was an amazing gift to, in the face of disagreement, keep our hearts open, connected and curious… and to have our heart’s meet in truth. We were vulnerable. Our 15 year friendship had earned the right to discover the honest fuel of each of our passions. I believe we found even more alignment, respect and compassion for one another. We both have the same outcome in mind to serve people in having thriving relationships, even though we are uniquely different in our paths to get there. I feel I was literally touched by an angel. Thank you Scot for going the distance with me into the ‘after show’. May we all stay connected long enough to sit in the fire and allow the blessing of fiercely loving connection. You are such a gift


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Meet Scot

Scot and Emily McKay are professional dating and relationship coaches, adventure travelers, conference speakers, media personalities and podcast hosts. They reach a global audience of over 300,000, are the authors of ten books between them and have been featured by over 400 media outlets worldwide including MTV, ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes and WSJ. They are both Traveler’s Century Club members, having traveled to well over 100 countries together, and proudly world school their two youngest children. They are avid BMX racers. Emily, daughter Sarah and son John are all champion #1 plate holders.








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