Sara Schulting Kranz

Sara Schulting Kranz


What a profound conversation about the power of nature to not only replenish us but to hold us in our healing and to help us listen to our True North. We shared stories about trauma, divorce, parenthood and healing that may resonate and inspire new points of view. We shared about coming to that center place where you can choose to speak up or to let it go… and how do you decide which one is for the highest good of all? When we’ve silenced our truth for so long it seems imperative to speak up no matter what, and yet as we evolve sometimes saying nothing at all is the most powerful communication. And at the end we went deep in our gratitude of Mother Gaia. Stunning connection.


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Meet Sara

Sara Schulting-Kranz is an author, keynote speaker, trauma and personal leadership authority ,wilderness guide, and expert in utilizing nature healing. As a multiple trauma survivor, Sara Schulting Kranz, like millions of others in this world, suffered from severe Complex-PTSD that almost took her life, and could have left her three children motherless. She navigated through her anger, pain, and grief while hiking 14,000 ft mountains and paddling 4-miles out to sea with whales and dolphins. Through this process, she found that the most important relationship you can have is the one within yourself. Sara harnessed the healing power of nature through her own PTSD and intense trauma recovery, which included somatically healing through nature while practicing the art of forgiveness for herself, others, and the world. Now Sara coaches clients, leadership executives, and organizations on the necessity and benefits of using nature for mental and emotional health. You will find Sara speaking to businesses, corporations, and running executive leadership workshops, in addition to leading healing, transformational, and leadership retreats in the Grand Canyon and Alaska. Sara has become an expert guide in using nature for trauma recovery, and she also has an intense passion for getting people outdoors to deal with the lasting post-traumatic symptoms we’ve been experiencing for the last 2 years. Sara’s book, WALK THROUGH THIS: Harness the Healing Power of Nature and Travel the Road to Forgiveness, was released in November 2020 by Harper Horizon. “Nature is where we let go of who we are told to be, and find who we were born to become all along.” – Sara Schulting KranzWebsite: @saraschultingkranzFacebook: Sara Schulting-Kranz / Live BoldlyPurchase Book: Resources:








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