Rori Raye

Rori Raye

Talk about two peas in a pod. I LOVE Rori’s aligned message about dropping out of our mind and reveling in our emotions, loving what is, using our feminine energy to receive our emotions as they shift and change and drop into truth. We spoke not just OF vulnerability and transparency but HOW to truly drop in and then HOW to communicate truth to your date or beloved. We spoke of relationships being such a fertile ground of growth and evolution like her long term beautiful marriage.

We also spoke of how Rori’s created a business the feminine way, with one aspect fueling, feeding and expanding the next, so cooperative and collaborative. We shared the glorious journey of being friends and colleagues for so many years, how grateful I am for her mentorship when I first started and how she honors my brand of transparency through it all.

Ahhh… sisterhood at its best… two distinct yet aligned messages of the same powerful truth of feminine power and knowing. You are going to bask in what’s possible in your personal and professional world… enjoy.

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Meet Rori Raye

Rori Raye is best known as the author of Have The Relationship You Want and creator of The Modern Siren. Though she’s developed hundreds of specific Tools that’ve helped thousands of women succeed in love quickly and nearly effortlessly, and now personally trains coaches worldwide to help women one-to-one by using her unique, theatrical and experiential Rori Raye Method of Coaching, Rori always says that her biggest credential is her personal story. How she took herself from unhappy “crumb taker” to hugely happy “Modern Siren” with a fabulous, life-long marriage to a great man…if she could do it, you can do it…no matter how different things seem out there now, it’s all really still the same…

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