Rico Caveglia

Rico Caveglia

I love this man’s honesty! His fire! His passion, clarity and simple yet profound know-how of what it takes to age with grace. You won’t believe how old he is! And how not only great he looks, but also feels! He understands how to live fit well into your 70’s and beyond… AND love life and have that effervescent sparkle in your eye. We had such an honest conversation about health, aging, sex, desire, truth… you will love this!

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Meet Rico
Rico Caveglia Chronological Age 76 Fitness Age 35 is America’s Healthy Aging Trainer and creator of The Ageless Living Lifestyle, The Vitality For Life Training System and the Be Bold Never Be Old wellness Club. He is a speaker author of 17 books and a personal trainer for 36 years. He is a multi Gold and Silver Medalist in the California State Senior Olympics.
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