Nate Zeleznick

Nate Zeleznick


Ahhhh!!!! So good to reconnect with Mas Nate! Vibravision was and IS way more than meets the eye in terms of your energy, awareness and embracing programming that’s perhaps in the way of your greatest freedom, peace and impact. This amazing conversation spanned a near death experience, to celibacy to finding your soul mate to learning to comfort SELF and OTHER during dark times. Nate shared the miracles people who have simply done ONE of the many exercises you learn. I shared how my training helped me through Covid. Enjoy this candid, wise and inspiring conversation where we occasionally nerd out, swear, laugh and connect about living our legacies, living from the heart all the while knowing we are limitless beings… xoxo A


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Meet Nate

For over 500 years, the Indonesian royal family guarded a great secret: an energy-based martial art called Merpati Putih. It is so powerful, the masters could do superhuman feats such as break stacks of concrete bricks with a gentle touch or be able to drive a motorcycle through the chaotic streets of Yogyakarta–completely blindfolded. In 1963, they began teaching Merpati Putih outside the family, but only to Indonesians. That all changed in 1999 when Nate Zeleznick, a martial artist from rural Utah, discovered them.
Nate Zeleznick is CEO of MP USA and Vibravision ® . He is a serial entrepreneur who has owned one of the most successful martial arts and meditation academies in Utah for more than two decades. He and his younger brother Mike embarked on a grueling 20-year journey to learn the secret techniques of this ancient martial art so they could teach ordinary people how to be superhuman, and now they are making this available to millions.
Nate is passionate about bringing this completely new type of sensing and awareness and training to the blind, mindfulness, and scientific communities. His mission is to redefine blindness as we see it and help people achieve SUPERHUMAN breakthroughs, and become real-world Jedi’s through a technique called Vibravision ® . Vibravision ® has been featured in the award-winning documentary SUPERHUMAN: The Invisible made Visible, and has been validated by numerous professionals in the fields of Medicine, Naturopathy, Optometry, Military, Physics, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Consciousness Research, Professional Sports, the Blind Community, and many more.
Nate is a regular keynote speaker and podcast guest among both business and “superhuman” communities.








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