Mikko & Biji

Mikko & Biji


What delicious people! You can literally FEEL their vibe. We had so much fun discussing the cultivation of our own vibration that leads to walking straight into your beloved, quite often where you DON’T expect it. What inspiring gifts they shared about partnership, parenting, arguing, celibacy, unconditionally loving yourself, the discipline it really takes to cultivate ongoing presence and how they now dance in this vibrational flow when leading workshops. They show us that the ‘work works’… listen to what Biji does at 3:30am each morning… listen for how long Mikko’s gone without ejaculating… deeper roots create higher shoots every time. I am inspired that this level of conscious sacred partnership exists. Can’t wait to play with them in Costa Rica one day. ENJOY! This free gift from Mikko and Biji: https://www.loveall5d.com/intimate-conversations/


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Meet Mikko and Biji

Mikko and Biji are gifted healers, frequency alchemists, Divine Sacred
Union partners, and founders of LoveAll 5D. They hold the zero point
frequency through their many years of disciplined Spiritual practice
and mastery. Mikko and Biji use conscious energy and frequency
healing to help their clients create their highest timeline reality
on the New Earth.







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