Michael McPherson

Michael McPherson

Michael McPherson is the author of Everything You Never Learned About Sex: Take Back Your Masculine Power & Use Your Sex Energy For Good, co-founder of KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate, a non-profit devoted to saving native stains of cacao and making ceremonial-grade cacao available to the Western world, and co-founder of KAPU, a community app for light workers to share their heart-centered gifts, services, and wisdom in a safe and sacred space. He’s a pioneer in the realm of sacred sexuality, intimacy, inner-child work, sacred masculinity, divine union, and heart-centered living and leading.

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Meet Michael McPherson

How magical that an old soul has found his path… even though he resisted it at first. Michael’s gifts are to bring the sacred back into our sexuality, to bring the innocence back, the beauty, the heart. His journey is one many men will relate with, being brought up with porn and objectifying women. And I LOOOOVE his words that his beloved MacKenzie awakened his best self and was invited into sacred sexuality. I completely agree when the feminine is in a place of wholeness and healing, that she awakens masculine grandeur. I believe this happens within ourselves, in partnerships of all kinds. How glorious to hear of Michael’s journey with Gene Codes, Human Design, Plant Medicine… how he distanced himself cold turkey and returned to nature and his heart. You will love the non profit that he and his wife have created with ceremonial kakoa…. how their love making has shifted over time. Most of all you will FEEL this man’s authenticity, his calm energy, his open heart, his certainty of purpose. And I think this is the first time I am really owning with grace what he called me… a ‘wise women’. I’m 20 yrs his senior… and I could have deflected the comment… yet he made it with such reverence that I am officially welcoming my crone energy for she is still balanced with such glee and wonder for the mystery of life. What a blessing this conversation was… may you savor this deep into your heart.


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