Melanie Hersch

Melanie Hersch


OMG I love her. She’s my tribe! She GETS it! We agree that relationships are a sacred Petri dish of growth and evolution! We spoke of what it really takes to be confident from the inside out, what it takes to consciously uncouple (and exactly what to say) and how to unhook from sabotaging behaviors, addictions and limiting beliefs to attract your ideal partner WHILE not being attached or even looking. We have 20 yrs of living in LA in common… you’ll love how life shifted her into her happy place and me too! You will love the energy and aliveness of this conversation and be sure to take a moment to reflect and take ONE action when you’re done listening that will shift things positively for you. HUGE love!


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Meet Melanie

Melanie Hersch is a psychotherapist turned dating coach who teaches singles how to rewire the unconscious patterns that have been preventing them from having the love they want. Melanie believes that dating and relationships are some of the most powerful catalysts for personal growth. Her approach isn’t focused on how to ‘get’ the person you want… but on how to become the person who easily attracts love in. Her unique approach blends psychology, spirituality, and energetics to help her clients increase their self-esteem, know their worth, and easily attract healthy love into their lives! Her work has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine.








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